Upcoming Speakers and Topics

Ravenna Science Cafe:
June 29th 2015, 7pm

Ben Waters
UW Department of Electrical Engineering and CEO of WiBotic Inc.
"Adaptive Wireless Power for Hearts and Robots"

Ravenna Science Cafe:
July 27th 2015, 7pm

Laura Taylor
University of Washington
"ALS and Alzheimer's: two different diseases, one common mechanism of progression"

Ravenna Science Cafe:
August 31st 2015, 7pm

Speaker and Topic TBA
Ravenna Science Cafe:
September 28th 2015, 7pm

Stephanie Gianarelli & Laura Shahine
Acupuncture NW and Pacific NW Fertility and IVF Specialists
"Planting the Seeds of Pregnancy: Fertility Methods from Eastern and Western Medicine"

For more information on their upcoming book
Ravenna Science Cafe:
October 26th 2015, 7pm

Eashwar Thiagarajan
Principal Electrical Design Engineer, Cypress Semiconductor
Design Engineering: title TBA