Upcoming Speakers and Topics

Ravenna Science Cafe:
Jul 30th 2018

Sarah Stroup
Associate Professor of Classics, University of Washington
"Robots, Space Exploration, Death Rays, Brain Surgery, and Nanotechnology: STEM(M) in the Ancient World"

Ravenna Science Cafe:
Aug 27th 2018

Daniel Ratner
Dept. of Bioengineering, University of Washington
"Engineering Medicine with Sugar and Light "

Ravenna Science Cafe:
Sept 24th 2018

Lea Starita
UW Department of Genomic Sciences; Brotman Baty Institute
Topic: breast cancer and CRISPR

Ravenna Science Cafe:
Oct 29th 2018

Jill Johnsen
Bloodworks Northwest, Research Institute
Topic: hematology and blood transfusion research

Ravenna Science Cafe:
Nov 26 2018

Jeff Duda
Topic: Elwah River Dam removal/river restoration

Ravenna Science Cafe:
There will be no event in December due to the Holidays